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We are an independent consulting software development company. Currently, most of our business is consulting. We are in the process of creating our own software tools with the hopes of being able to split the company between consulting and in-house development. Prior experience has led us through the Java, Objective-C, C# and Swift development. These languages have been used to make front-end Windows applications, REST and SOAP web-service as well as mobile apps.


Check out the great work we have done with our own apps. All apps are free to download from the App Store. In addition to the apps listed here, we spend most of the time doing consulting work to help our partners create awesome mobile apps.


We offer a full range of app development services. We can provide guidance on getting started with an app, submitting to the app store or full development and debugging services. Have an idea but not quite sure how to get started? We will even partner with you on a brand new idea. Drop us a line at


We believe in open source software. It has made our development much quicker and we would like to return the favor. Check out the great software we’ve made open source.

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Latest Blog

At Beyers Apps we are hard at work writing code to help improve lives in some way. Blogs are a great way to give back to the developer community. We love to blog about solutions we find to hard problems so that the next developer can solve the problem a little quicker.

Implementing Handoff In iOS and macOS

Handoff is a neat feature that was introduced in iOS 8

03 Aug 17 Steven Beyers

NSAttributedString Enhancements in iOS 11

Attributed strings can be a pain to configure the way y

03 Aug 17 Steven Beyers

Implementing Drag and Drop in iOS 11 Part 2

At WWDC Apple announced that iOS 11 will now support Dr

28 Jul 17 Steven Beyers

Implementing Drag and Drop in iOS 11 Part 1

At WWDC Apple announced that iOS 11 will now support Dr

28 Jul 17 Steven Beyers

Large Titles For Navigation Bars In iOS 11

If you have played with iOS 11 either on a simulator or

26 Jul 17 Steven Beyers

Enabling Siri Integration With SiriKit

SiriKit was created for developers in iOS 10. However,

26 Jul 17 Steven Beyers

Layout Anchors

In this screencast we demonstrate how to use Layout Anc

25 Jul 17 Steven Beyers

Implementing Keyboard Shortcuts

The keyboard is an enormously important piece of hardwa

20 Jul 17 Steven Beyers

Implementing Rounded Corners In iOS 11

In this screencast we look at new ways to make and inte

20 Jul 17 Steven Beyers

Handling Keyboard Shortcuts In iOS

The debate as to whether or not the iPad can replace a

20 Jul 17 Steven Beyers

Bible Binder On Google Play

After a very long wait, Bible Binder is finally availab

18 Jul 17 Steven Beyers

New App: Fraction Quizzer

For the past 6 weeks we have been lucky enough to partn

31 Aug 16 Steven Beyers

Swift Initializers

Swift is full of exciting features and it certainly tak

22 Jan 16 Steven Beyers

Swift Strings

If you have been using Swift over the past few months,

23 Feb 15 Steven Beyers

Strategies For Going Mobile

These days every company is looking to “go mobile

02 Jan 15 Steven Beyers