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07 Dec 15
Steven Beyers
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CalendarKit is an open source project we have been working on to insert a calendar in an iOS app. There are many calendar frameworks that can be used but when we needed one they all seemed to be missing something that was important to us. As of June 2, 2016 we have implemented all of the features that we need. However, if you have a request for a feature let us know. We want to make this the best calendar framework there is.

The code can be found on GitHub and can be added to your project as source code or compiled into a framework.


  • Completely customizable UI – Font, color, placement of UI elements – EVERYTHING.
  • Set a minimum and maximum date – The calendar will never scroll beyond those dates.
  • Set disabled dates – In some applications special dates such as holidays should be disabled.
  • Set disabled weekends – A quick way to disable all weekends.
  • Accessory views – Need some way to indicate there is data related to a particular date? Use the accessory view!
  • Usable wherever needed – Full screen? Embedded in a larger screen? In a popover? This calendar can do it all.

Using CalendarKit

For sample code on how to best use CalendarKit, checkout the GitHub page. There is a sample app in the same project where I have demonstrated a lot of the flexibility of the framework.

If you want to get started quickly all you need is this code:

Then, conform to the CalendarDelegate protocol and implement func calendar(calendar: Calendar, didSelectDate date: NSDate). Thats it.

Want to contribute?

Since this is open source, we would love to have community involvement. Feel free to fork our project so that you can contribute!

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Swift Strings

23 Feb 15
Steven Beyers
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If you have been using Swift over the past few months, chances are you have come across issues using Strings. Many of the Objective-C methods we have relied on no longer work without some extra leg work. Over the last few days I have seen several questions posed on blogs and forums asking how to complete certain tasks with Swift’s Strings. Some of the answers I have seen work, but really aren’t the best answers. Here is, in my opinion, the best way to handle a few of the scenarios I have seen multiple times.
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